How we work:

Our philosophy starts with:


  • Budget 24h: After you have contacted with us and filled a questionnaire or have a short interview, we will provide a budget according to your needs and requirements for your dreamed through, once accepted we start to work for your day.
  • Fees: Our budget includes a fixed fee and customized according to your project or services. We do not charge a percentage of your final budget, so you know from the beggining our cost..
  • Locations: We perform all necessary views until you find the ideal space, our rate includes many services as need.
  • Providers: we marry you, but not with suppliers. We have no exclusive provider, or services do not impose nor recommend spaces but more according to your wishes, as you always have the final decision.
  • Transparent payments: Tartetul charges a fee for their work, this pay you requite each provider directly for the services rendered.
  • Time management: We plan and take care of all the details before and during the wedding day. We select all employees. We coordinate all vendors and we design a schedule, so you to know all steps upfront.

Online Event

If you live abroad and you are considering to celebrate your wedding , birthday or party in Barcelona or surrounding area, you have found your organizer specializing in events for non-residents. 
We make it easy, we can meet regularly via Skype and make a fully customized monitoring . From the beginning , your budget will manage and coordinate all services providing every step we move forward so that your can always make the final decision . 
We find accommodation for your guests, we will provide bilingual staff and will ensure that distance and language are not a problem.